Subconscious Freedom Therapy is Taking the Angst out of Autism

Levi’s Dog Phobia Levi’s Social Phobia

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The Center of Subconscious Research has developed a process to eliminate anxiety in Autistic Child by providing their parents with a Autistic package of a Autism Story Book called. ‘Geoffrey learns How to be Calm’ to be read in a story book fashion.

Following this the autistic child need to listen to an Autism audio Cd that embeds a subconscious, ‘INTENTION TO TREAT’ into the subconscious mind that eliminates anxiety by eliminating dissociation. Dissociation is the main subconscious blocker to effective anxiety relief.

Subconscious Freedom Therapy Takes the Angst Out of Autism while Stopping Dissociation and Meltdowns.

Autism Story Book and Autism Audio CD.

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Subconscious Freedom Self-Help Meditation
This is an opportunity to experience the power of your subconscious mind in eliminating unwanted emotion ties to your anxiety by listening to this 20 minute Subconscious Freedom Therapy Meditation.

To enhance your commitment to subconscious change to the following meditation it will be helpful to say out loud prior to listening to this meditation, “I give intent to mean what I say when I give intent to eliminate body discomfort, trauma and drug addiction symptoms forever”.