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The Center of Subconscious Research has taken over Twenty Years to Develop a Natural Healing Self-Help Therapy that uses your own subconscious intent to eliminate all your anxiety triggers without your conscious awareness. This new therapy is called Subconscious Freedom Therapy.

This is a newly discovered Phenomena has been discovered and developed by the Center of Subconscious Research in Ballarat, Australia. The Center of Subconscious is ready to Launch this new therapy in early 2019 and is now taking Registrations for training.

This training does not require and previous training in psychology as the Center of Subconscious Research will send you via mail a copy of the Subconscious Guidelines and Information for Student Booklet. This is a Step by Step Guide for you to follow. The Center of Subconscious Research will have Webinars on the training and support for any questions.

Subconscious Freedom Therapy works directly on your subconscious mind and does not require any thinking or talking about the problem, therefore there is no abreaction back into any trauma. This Subconscious Freedom Therapy process is gentle, quick and thorough. So Register today to avoid missing out on the opportunity to be one of the pioneers in Subconscious Freedom Therapy in eliminating anxiety disorders. Refer to Subconscious Freedom Therapy Training.

Subconscious Freedom Therapy places a subconscious INTENTION TO TREAT into the subconscious mind that has the ability to eliminate dissociation and all your subconscious triggers to anxiety.

Subconscious Freedom Self-Help Meditation
This is an opportunity to experience the power of your subconscious mind in eliminating unwanted emotion ties to your anxiety by listening to this 20 minute Subconscious Freedom Therapy Meditation.

To enhance your commitment to subconscious change to the following meditation it will be helpful to say out loud prior to listening to this meditation, “I give intent to mean what I say when I give intent to eliminate body discomfort, trauma and drug addiction symptoms forever”.